things that make putting up my work worth it

A) photos like this

"Ces, my dear, my cousin, my love.
I love you. I love your writing and I love your pictures. I love the way you make things in life I percieve as unattractive to be beautiful. You have a wonderful talent of bringing joy to a person's soul through your art.
You need to spread it around girl! Seriously. Do you have a website where i can order some prints? if you dont.... make one.
-my cousin Kristine, I send thee kisses"



GAWAD KALINGA All we have is love

Me and my little nena, EJ

Joseph using my point and shoot. I didn't take this one \/ nor this one /\... EJ did.

Me with Mary Rose and Joseph

To Give Hope

Today was the first time I've been back to a GK site since high school. Today was also the first day in a while that I felt deep-tissue, deep-down-right-there-in-the-center-of-my-heart, lets-play-tag, group-hug happiness. For a long time I've felt that I was in the right place at the wrong time, or the wrong place at a good time, or having a good time at the wrong time in a good place. Whichever way I could write the recipe for my life, today was a leap. A huge phenomenally uplifting change. I'm so happy to be home.

Along with 39 students and teachers, we boarded a bus at 8am sharp that took us to a location off the highway a little out of Taguig city. At first it was beautifully overcast so it was bearable to be walking around and doing the physical labor (I admit I didn't do any of the shoveling or brick carrying, but then again I wasn't there to do that). Then around 9.30 am it began sweltering out which subsequently made me and everyone on site be drenched in our own sweat. In my mind though it was alright, I mean, sweating and feeling exhausted from the heat was only temporary after all.

I went about the location snapping photos for the GK students and teachers, but the main reason I was there was so take photos for my own collection. For my book project. The kids living in the area were playing about the cement piles and some were resting under the shade out of the sun... naturally these subjects appealed to me. These children were so uninhibited in front of the camera (as most are in the Philippines, it seems) and more than enthusiastic to be my subjects. EJ, in a pink t-shirt, was the first one to approach me and become my friend. After talking to her for two hours, I learned she was deaf, she taught me how to sign C-A-N-O-N.

After being around them for a few minutes, they started to become increasingly interested in my camera equipment. I put the camera strap around EJ's neck and instructed her on how to use the zoom, press the shutter button, and how to review. The triptych above was taken by EJ. The kids took dozens of photos with both my SLR and my point-and-shoot camera, I'll be posting those up later.

EJ's house

EJ, James, Mary Rose and family

James being super naughty! haha

Joseph, Binocular toy



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